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  • We care about our community and are here to help local organizations grow and prosper.  We provide website design, management, and hosting services at affordable prices. Each site we design is unique and customized to meet your needs.

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Our Services

At Design by Cline, we strive to make having a web presence easy on you by providing a variety of website services at affordable prices. Each service we provide is customized to meet your needs. All of these services may be combined or provided individually.



With Design by Cline you can be as involved or removed from the design process as you would like.  We will build your unique website to your specifications, whether you want to be involved in the minor details or simply want to admire the finished product.

Hosting & Addresses

We are pleased to host your website, supplying a web address for you or using one you may already own.  And, if you need a web address, we can work with you to find the right address that represents you and makes you easy to find online.

Content Editing

While the content of your website is best developed by you (the expert), ensuring your website is polished usually requires professional editing.  We offer an array of editing, from simple proofreading to copy editing – select the service that best suits you.

Personalized Photos

If you are located in our general area and want quality photographs of your organization, we can schedule a visit to your location to capture the photos that will make your website truly represent your image – making your website as unique as you!

Our Portfolio

Check out a few of the websites we have designed. Each one is unique to the customer’s needs, wants, and style.

Our Pricing

At Design by Cline, the design of your website is not the only aspect that is unique to you, the price is too. Contact us today to discuss service costs and receive an estimate.

*Ask about our discounted non-profit rates.



Website design is a one-time cost.  Depending on the complexity of your website, the cost to design it can start as low as $750.  Blog-only sites start as low as $199.

Hosting & Addresses

Hosting services are provided starting at $240 a year, and just $36 a year can reserve your web address, ensuring people know where to find you online.

Content Editing

Proofreading is included with any website created by Design by Cline and can be provided, at a low cost, for any other website.  Proofreading and editing service costs vary depending on the level of service requested and the amount of content on your website.

Personalized Photos

Photography costs are dependent upon the number of photos required and the proximity to our location and can be as low as $75, which includes visiting your organization and taking and editing your photos.


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